We have a wide-ranging corporate clientele to wit:
    (a) Financial institutions including banks, insurance companies and microfinance banks. Our mainstay in this regard are locally owned financial institutions and joint ventures between Kenyan citizens and non-citizens.
    (b) Property companies including developers, architects, contractors, and other service providers in the real estate value chain.
    (c) Several companies involved in the energy sector including petroleum companies/distributors, petroleum product transporters and companies involved in exploration/prospecting& drilling.
    (d) Children Institutions including adoption societies, children homes and other affiliated/related institutions.
    (e) Numerous Faith Based (Christian) organizations with operations in the Republic ofKenya
    (f) Various Foreign Missions
    (g) Telecommunication companies including providers of telecommunication equipment and companies that provide mobile content and value added services.
    (h) Branches of foreign companies established in Kenya under the provision of the Companies Act

Currently, we have over 150 local and international clients (natural persons) where we act for them on various matters.