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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most asked questions by clients seeking our services
We are located at Embassy House 4th Floor(Room 401/402), in Nairobi Kenya.
Our Charges are affordable to all. You have to make a consultation with us at our offices so that we can determine your charges based on your legal circumstances. However, if you just want to make a brief consultation online or via phone, we charge Ksh 600 for a 15 Minutes consultation session, or Ksh 1200 for a 30 minutes consultation session. These brief online/phone consultations are best suited to persons away from Nairobi, or for people who just want to make a brief inquiry. Consultations lasting more than 30 minutes require a physical visit at our offices. We charge Ksh 2500 per 1 hour session.
Our key practice areas include include family law, property developments,licensing, commercial and retail leasing, option agreements, acquisition and subdivision of residential, commercial and industrial properties, due diligence, community and private development management among others. Whereas, the above have been listed as the key practice areas, they are just the key ones.We also practice law in other areas not listed herein.
You have to book an appointment with us to get representation. To be represented, you have to make an online/phone consultation , or physically visit our offices to get consultation.
All our Advocates are licensed by the LSK(Law Society of Kenya) to practise law in Kenya.